Filtering on Embedded cards

1. If I embed a card from a page that has filtered the card, the embedded card does NOT retain the filter from the page even though it recognizes there is a filter.


2. Looking at the source code, I can look into the iframe and see how the filter is changing when I do change it manually. This is not what I want. Can I change this filter value via code or am I forced to manually select every single filter on every single embedded card???



  • smurray
    smurray Domo Employee



    Which method are you using to embed the card? If you are using the public method of embedding the card, filtering is not supported.


    Will you provide the steps you are taking to the embed the cards?

  • We are doing this through the Embed Card functionality found under "Domo Everywhere". We are then taking that iframe HTML code and embedding that elsewhere - our hope was to be able to filter within the code as opposed to having to filter directly within the embedded iframe. Is this possible?


  • smurray
    smurray Domo Employee

    The Public version doesn't support filtering.


    The Private version supports filtering, but it does not pass down the filter settings. I would recommend adding that to the enhancement list and then upvoting it.


  • I really want to embed quick filter in domo card object using Domo everywhere. How could i do it? Like how to determine if the card is private or public? Thank you.

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