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I am attempting to build a Grouped Bar + Symbol card where there will be three bar series based off of a value in my data. (Closed, Lost, Won), as well as a symbol which would be a calculation based off of those numbers. Right now the card appears to only let me use my one category as a single series as opposed to allowing multiple series (my category and the beastmode calc). It assumes one of my categories as the symbol when I want all three as bars. I could have sworn there was a way to allow for multiple series as I have seen it in other folks examples and Im pretty sure I had done it in the past. Anything I am missing here? 


My screenshot is of the card builder taking my month_status field and using two as bars and one as a symbol. I want the end product to have Open/Won/Lost as bars and then a seperate beastmode calc as the symbol. 


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    If you want to add multiple series to a chart, the series colum itself must be aggregated in some way (COUNT, AVG, SUM, etc..), otherwise it will not allow for more series to be added. In your case, it looks like to accomplish this you'll need to bucket your data into different beast mode calculations for each of the series options available in that particular series, as it is a text type value. 

    You could create a beast mode named "Won" with the following:

    CASE WHEN `month_status`= 'Won' THEN `month_status` END


    Then, in another beast mode named "Lost":


    CASE WHEN `month_status` = 'Lost' THEN `month_status` END


    And again for the "Open" bucket.

    If you set all of these to a COUNT, you should be able to add all of them to your chart (giving you the same result as with just one column) except now since all of your columns are aggregated, you can add additional series as long as they too are aggregated. Does that make sense? Here's an article on bucketing data, and while the example is a bit diffferent the idea is the same:


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