Export Any DOMO Data Set As XML Using Python API?


Has anyone ever made a script to export any DOMO data set as XML (where each field is treated as a tag)?

I was asked if DOMO could be used by someone other than our development staff when our clients need a particular summary report as an XML file that they could ingest.


I imagine with DOMO, the business analyst could summarize data easily using analyzer. Is there an API that can pull the results of a table card? Is there a sample script that can take those results assuming each field is a tag and make an XML file?


--Anthony Garcia MNG Direct


  • ASperry
    ASperry Domo Employee

     Hi Anthony,


    I'm not aware if someone has created a script to export a dataset to xml. I do know that we have Dataset API that enables you to import data from any source as well as export to any destination. I'd suggest you take a look at our documentation at https://developer.domo.com/ , click on the Resources tab and then Dataset API.

    Let me know if you have additional questions.

    Aaron Sperry
    Technical Advisor