Is there any way to connect to an FTP/SFTP server in a custom connector?


I am building a custom connector, and the API call to get the data I need will not return the data over HTTP, but instead generates a csv file that is placed on an external SFTP server. I know JavaScript does not have functionality to work with SFTP, but as this is using the Nashorn engine, I believe it should theoretically be possible to use Java classes to accomplish this, but I have not been able to figure it out. Any help finding a way to connect to this SFTP server and upload the csv file to Domo from the custom connector would be greatly appreciated.




  • Chronos

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Jaketh13
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    @AL-where Not sure about exactly how to set up your custom connector, but if you're able to get the file deposited in an SFTP server, you could use the CSV-SFTP Connector to pull the file into Domo.

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  • AL-where

    @Jaketh13 Thanks for the response, and I had considered this as a solution. Unfortunately that won't quite work for two reasons:

    1. The file is actually a csv in a compressed .zip folder.

    2. The file does not always have the same name, and I get the file name from the response to the http request placed in the custom connector.

  • Marc_H
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    Not sure if you figured this out, but the CSV Advanced should solve your problems.


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