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I want to build in a card wherein I want to show aggregrate of vacantion hours taken by employees for a month. Against the same I also have to plot or show football match dates, to see if the vacation is taken around the match dates. Any idea to do this?


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  • jhl

    Hi Bharti,


    I would assume (without knowing anything more about this, it actually sounds interesting, I figure this would be insightful for world cups etc...) you will need your input data as something like this (dummy)


    Date   Vacation Hours   Football Game

    10/10/17   18   1

    11/10/17   7    0



    (third column could count football games, or just be a true/false or whatever you like (you can also just get something like this using a dataflow from two different datasets).


    And then you can either graph, say, average vacation hours per day for a given month (where there is no football game) against average number of vacation hours taken per day for a given month where there was a football match.


    You can do this by using a "grouped bar" chart or any of the line/bar combinations.


    Then just create two beast modes

    "Football days"

    SUM(case when `Football Game`=1 then `Vacation Hours` end)


    "Non-Football Days"

    SUM(case when `Football Game`=0 then `Vacation Hours` end)


    and plot those next to each other.




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