Is there any way to change type and clone a column? rather than overriding the old one


Would be nice to be able to add a new column with values from an existing column with their type changed - change type and copy


  • Valiant

    We normally will do what you're asking using a SQL transform.


    If i've got my original output (call it Transform1) I'll do something like this:


    After connecting to Transform1 in the SQL transform, I'll create a new transform step and add my change.

    Something like

    SELECT *, CAST(`employeeid` as CHAR(8)) AS 'employeeid_text'

    The above would give me both my numeric `employeeid` field and a text `employeeid_text` field.


    Hope this helps.


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  • odedbadt

    Any chance this is possible in a Magic ETL rather than SQL / Beast mode?

  • I think that you have to perform three actions to accomplish this inside an ETL.

    1. Select Columns - You will want to select your unique identifier and any columns that you are wanting to copy and change the type of.  I would recommend changing the name of the column in this step as well.


    2. Set Column Type - Change the column types to your desired data type


    3. Join Data - Join the data from your "Set Column Type" step back onto your original data set.1.png


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  • Omprakash

    Use String Operations to clone the column and then change its type