Is there any plan of adding the option to write python code within a magic ETL?


Or even instead of and ETL (similar to MYSQL or R plugins there are today)


  • Chronos

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Python is not on the current roadmap but there are currently plans in development for some new data science features. We do recommend that you submit any feedback or enhancement requests you can submit that in the feedback section of the Domo Menu options at the top right of your Domo instance. This feedback will go directly to our product team. 

    If you are not using MySQL dataflows that is something that is an option in your instance as well just reach out to Domo Support. 


  • guitarhero23

    Not intending to revive an old post but I got here via Google so to answer the question for others who end up here it appears this has been available since the October 2018 release though I don't see it in my instance so seems you might have to contact Domo to activate.

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  • user13267

    Anyone got some firm pricing on this? Cannot find it anywhere. Just want Python, or any other language, scripting steps in ETL

  • ST_-Superman-_

    This is definitely available now.  There is an annual price tag associated with access to these ETL tiles, I would contact your Domo sales rep if you want an exact figure.1.png


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