Beast Mode: Percentage of Total Inventory - comparative gauge

swagner Contributor

I'm trying to build a comparative gauge to display the percentage of total inventory.  


  • Attached is sample data
  • Here is a video I put together to explain


Where this is tricky is keeping the total inventory value for the calculation.  Can you help?


  • swagner
    swagner Contributor

    @DaniBoy no replies on this one sir.  I've asked a similar question in this discussion, no resolution there either.


    Can you provide some feedback, possibly have a Knowledge Base document created to address this request please?  If this is something that cannot be done in Domo lets discuss alternatives - what other methods should I consider to answer this business question?


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    I will pull together a few internal folks to review and bring the Domo U folks in on this so we can publish something on this topic.


    Thank you for pushing this and creating the video!


    CC: @JeriLarsen @SamHoward