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I have a "create table" transfrom in a dataflow, with "Generate Output Table" unchecked.  It runs fine & applies fine.  But once the dataflow is saved, "Generate Output Table" becomes checked, and "Create Table" is cut off from the SQL.

See image attached.  This is something newly noticed.




  • I'm not sure what is gained by trying to uncheck the generate output table when the function you are writing the code for is to create a table.  

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    Great question @ST_-Superman-_. I do think that "generate output table" only applies in  DQL (Data Query Language) commands. Being "CREATE" a DDL (Data Defenition Language) command it does not result in a table, it creates a schema for a new table, different thing in terms of results.

    Anyhow, in my view  DOMO should not reactivate the "generate output table", but I have a theory for this:


    All Transforms with "generate output table" checked are in fact "Create Tables", and somehow DOMO is parsing the text and converting it to a normal transform as it drops the "Create Table" and names the table "IF"... just my two cents here!


    A workaround could be to create the table via a normal query and filter it with the same condition that controls the creation of the table in the first place, the difference would be that the table would exist but empty of rows.


    Hope this helps.

    Ricardo Granada 


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