How do I prevent a column of Team Member ID numbers being converted to "Numbers" instead of Text?


I have a column of Team Member ID numbers that i want to keep as text and not numbers.  For example TMID#123456.  Every time i try to upload the excel sheet, Domo converts that column to numbers (123,456) instead of keeping it as text (123456).  Am i missing something?  I have the column set as a text column in excel and when i preview the file during the initial upload, it shows as text.  But once i complete the upload and veiw the data table, the column is saved as a number column.  I'm new to Databases and excel data files.  Please help and share your advice.


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    Are you uploading via a connector or WorkBench?


    Via connector there are multiple ways you can go:


    First, use a dummy row with a text value like 'ABC' in excel to force DOMO to recognize the column as Text (Would have to filter it out on the cards or a dataflow, or better yet give this row irrelevant values for your data if possible)


    Another way would be to use a simple MySql DataFlow and convert the Field in with a query like :

    Select Concat(TeamMemberID_Field,'') AS TeamMemberID, Field1,Field2,Field3,.... From YourDataSetName 


    Finally, you could transform the column at card level using the following BeastMode:



    If you are uploading with WorkBench, you should be able to access the Schema separator for the upload job and configure the field accordingly.


    Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask if you need more help on this.

    Ricardo Granada 


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