Embed Drill Path

I am using Domo embed cards (both public and private) and I have noticed that when using cards with a drill paths, I am only able to drill down three levels.

Has anyone else experience this limitation?

Is it by design or is it a bug?



  • I have not tested this, but I would be curious if all the the views in your drill path are using the same data set.  Do you change data sets after the third view?  I've run into some strange issues when I swap data sets along the drill path.

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  • My test embed cards do not swap data source. The drill path limit of 3 even occurs even if the 4th drill down is the view of the data.


    From your comment I will build a very basic  drill down card with a single source and if I still get the issue will post the URL to it here.

  • I've resolved this issue. In fact their was no actual issue. I just hadn't configed the card correctly.