Gantt Chart - Average Timelines

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Help, I'm struggling!


Context: we primarily import and utilize from our Salesforce platform.


I love gantt charts. I really, really want to utilize them. But our org really would be most interested from a macro-level view of "what is the average timeline for all of our steps/processes?"


What I'm finding is that the Gantt Chart is great for specific projects because it asks/requires a Start Date and an End Date...but what about if I wanted to look at the average timeline, for all of the projects in New York? I'm not sure how to get to that level.


  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

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    I do not think you can do that in a Gantt chart. But you should be able to easily beastmode this elsewhere.


    The calculation could look something like

    DATE_DIFF(`End Date`, `Start Date`)

    which would give you the number of days as a positive number. You can use AVG() on it as well and maybe just plot it by location in a bar chart or table. If you want to get fancy, you can add that additional card into the drill path of your card. A waterfall chart might also do the trick.



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