Grand Total are not exporting to Excel in Table Format

Hi Team,


I have created a card using tabular format and applied grand total. When i am exporting into excel, Grand Total values are not exporting in to excel or csv format. It's working fine with powerpoint export.





  • jhl
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    Hi Bheeshma,


    exporting a card to Excel exports the (modified) data only - your beast mode calculations will have a different name (as from the Domo system) as well. 


    Totals rows in table cards are layout options that do not get exported to excel, the same way that putting labels on a bar chart or changing color rules would not show up in an export of such a card. Scheduled reports (via email) and exports via PPT will include such layout options.


    AFAIK, there is no way to export these totals rows to Excel directly. You could just put a sum() or count() at the bottom of your excel file and achieve the same result, though.


    Also, you can head over to the Ideas Exchange and suggest this feature for implementation



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