Nested group memberships and SSO

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We're rolling PDP out across many of our datasets to enable us to use embeded cards throughout our internal systems.  We may have just stumbled upon what is either a bug or a use case that wasn't properly expressed during development.  It appears that Domo isn't properly decomposing these group relationships and our SSO-authenticated users don't have the permissions to data they should.


We make considerable use of nested groups within our AD as it allows us to describe our hierarchical structure in a way that is maintainable.


Here's an example.

  - We have 40 stores (Store A, Store B, etc.)

  - The stores are managed in "regions" (Region 1, Region 2, etc.)

  - A regional manager may be in the "Region 1" group which itself may be a member of "Store A", "Store B", "Store C", etc.


Currently when this regional manager logs into Domo, he is not able to see data for Store A, B and C even though AD says he should.  Domo ONLY sees the Region 1 membership and no further.



Has anyone else run into this issue?  Were you able to work around it without abandoning your AD group architecture?

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