SSO Synchronize Groups from AD


We are using Domo along with SSO back to our Active Directory.


We use groups in AD to determine which cards and data individual users are allowed to view.


It appears that Domo does not sync down groups from AD until a user in that group has authenticated.


This means that we always have to create test users with new group membership AND log into Domo with them before we can use a group in any PDP policies.


Is there any way to get Domo to simply synchronize all the groups from our AD?


  • Valiant

    Great question, we've got the exact same issue and was just about to post it myself!

  • [Deleted User]

    Thanks guys,


    I am going to try to find the right person in Domo to answer this otherwise I may move to the ideas exchange.

    Thanks for your patience.


  • KarlF

    I know it's a super old thread, but we have a similar problem. I'm not able to import any of the Directory groups in DOMO. All settings in SSO config appear to be correct. I'm part of one group, and that single group shows up, but it only lists a single member (we have a lot more people in that group on the AD side).

    Please PM me if anyone is able to help out with this.