how to get drill down to work from an aggregated dataset to a detailed (transaction level )


I have a dataset with following 14 fields (SalesId, DealWonDate,BookingDate, Regin, SubRegin, SSD,FY,FQ,FM,FD, OMRep,SalesRep, Number of attachment,CycleTime = BookingDate- DealWonDate)


The requirement is creating 1. a card with 75%tileCycletime  by OMRep  and by FM. 2. Drill down to transaction level


I was able to calculated 75%tileCycletime using MySQL  in a dataset. The new dataset with 3 fields (FM, OMRep, 75%tileCycletime).    I created a card which completed first requirement. But I didn’t find a way to accomplish the second requirement.


I tried to  create the drill down view with the 14 fields dataset. It doesn’t work. Can you give some advice on how to accomplish the drilldown requirement.


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