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Is there a way to have a pivot table-like view in Domo (that sums up columns and rows)?  Our users predominantly use iPads and my understanding is that sumo cards don't work on the iOS app.  We currently use heat maps to get our variances, but one drawback is that there is no total by category.  Is there any other card type that can replicate this functionality?


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    Sumo cards are the primary method for replicating pivot like views, but you are correct they aren't supported currently on iOS app. 


    One solution to consider would be creating a Magic ETL job using the Uncollapse Columns component which will group rows into columns...so essentially you could munge the data into columnar summaries and then use a standard table card with the Total/Subtotal feature to be summaries by column (https://knowledge.domo.com?cid=etlactionseditcolumns)


    Does this help?

    Jacob Folsom
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  • Is there a way to get this type of functionality in a heat map?  Currently, we use the heat map so we can drill into more detail.  If we followed your suggestion, would we still be able to drill-through on a table's row/column intersection?

  • The biggest difference when drilling into a table versus a heat map is that drilling into a table will only apply one filter.  Drilling into a heat map typically applies two filters.

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  • We definitely want two filters.  Is it possible to get totals on a heat map?

  • Currently, Sumo table is the best option for replicating Pivot table functionality.

    Yes, you cannot see Sumo table on iOS. 

    Please submit an enhancement request via Feedback. 


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  • We were running into a similar problem over and over, so we decided to publish our fix as an app in the app store. If you search RXA in the app store it will pop up.


    A few more details here: