When working with multiple Series' on a bar chart - having issues with sorting.


Good morning! I have attached an image RE: my specific question. I am trying to sort the attached, based on highest - to - lowest, based on "Actual (SA)." I've tried a number of assorted ways to make this happen, but to no avail (can attach those screen shots, as well - just let me know if needed). Can you please clarify how I can sort it so from top to bottom, the BLUE "Actual (SA)" series will show up at top (from highest-to-lowest), and then the green "Plan" Series would then fall beneath that, from highest-to-lowest. Thank you!


  • mgschradsky
    mgschradsky Domo Employee

    Hi! Thanks for the question. To ensure I understand correctly, the below in analyzer is not sorting your data correctly? Are you utilizing the quick sort or the sorting field? Are you able to drag the calculated field in the sort field?



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  • user07750

    Hey there - it isnt' that it's not sorting, I can't identify how to sort it in such a way that I have the desired outcome, which is:
    1. I'd like the BLUE ("Actual") bar to go from highest to lowest, and then sort by:
    2. I'd like the GREY ("Planned") to then go from its highest to lowest

    So, for example, based on screen shot: Descending by Actual, it forces the Actual amounts (some are blank for "Actual") to go to bottom of chart. I'd like them at the top. And then, I'd like it sorted by Descending by Plan.  

    But, this does not occur. If I do that, it looks like screen shot: Descending by Actual

    If you look at Screenshot:Scenario A, I also noticed that if I don't include (in Sorting section) the "Initiative name," it literally REMOVES about 1/2 of the items I'd like included/visualized on the chart - not sure why? 

    If I chose to change it to (please see Screenshot:) Ascending by Actual, it does put the Actual amounts at the top of the chart (but in reverse order of what I'd like), but then there is no logical numeric (ascending or descending) order to the "Plan" amounts. 

  • n8isjack-ret
    n8isjack-ret Domo Employee

    Ah, that helps me understand a lot better what you're chasing. Thank you for the screenshots and detail.


    The null values are considered to be the end of the list. In the case of a "Descending" sort that brings them to the top, even before your largest value. You can correct this either in the underlying data, or a beast mode.


    Problem to solve: null changed to 0.


    If you can get zeros in the source data that would be ideal and you won't see this behavior anymore.


    If not, you can get a beastmode to do that for you:


    IFNULL(`Actual / SA - Q3 (Closed-Won)`, 0)


    That formula will replace all null values with zeros. Then when you sort by the SUM it will put the zeros at the end of the list.

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  • user07750

    Hey there, thank you for your guidance! Where do I place that formula [IFNULL(`Actual / SA - Q3 (Closed-Won)`, 0)] you mention above in beast mode? Not sure "where" it would be placed? 

    Also, can you please share with me how I can "group" the titles in the Y axis in this example (see screen shot): 

    THank you!

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