Report Scheduler - Select Cards in Report

kbota Contributor

Is it possible to create a scheduled report that only sends/shows certain cards from a page (not all of the cards from a page) or includes cards from multiple pages? Currently, when I want to create a scheduled report, I go to the desired page, click the wrench icon, and select 'Schedule as Report'. This brings up options for me to title the report, select when it is sent, and who receives it, but I see no where for me to select which cards I would actually like to be a part of the report. If I go to the Report Scheduler screen, I see no options for editing which cards appear in a report either.


Is this an option? If not, is this a feature that could be considered for the future (similar to how you can select which cards you would like to appear in a slideshow, either from one page or multiple pages).



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