azure data connector available to domo?

I'm investigating using Azure for data warehouse purposes. But I don't see any data connectors available for Azure SQL sources. Am I missing something? 


  • Tomo
    Tomo Contributor



    Can you connect with the SQL Server connector?



    SQL Server のコネクターで接続できませんか?

  • @cwalliser  Did you end up getting an answer to this? I have the same question.

  • No solutions I'm aware of yet. Maybe creating a custom connector. But I'd rather have a standard tool to work with. 

  • You should be able to connect to SQL DataWarehouse or SQL Database by using the SQL server connector or using Workbench. The underlining technology for Azure SQL DW and DB is SQL Server. If you use the Domo connectors, you will need to get the IP Addresses whitelisted in Azure.