Scheduled report to unlicensed email


I want to send a scheduled report email to an unlicensed user. 

The user doesn't need access to the card. They just need to see the number displayed in the email.

When I add the unlicensed user's email to the scheduled report, the report crashes.


Is there a way to address this? 

P.S. I do not want to grant the user social access--they're truly a wonderful person yet at the same time they do operate outside of our organizartion.



Want a Work-Around


  • RGranada
    RGranada Contributor

    Have you considered a publication with the card you need? Just share the link and the user can always check the values.

    Hope this helps.

    Ricardo Granada 


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  • Sambo_Servicer

    That is an elegant solution.


    The best option would be for an email to be sent to the user to prompt them to check it out. 

    Any ideas on that?

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