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I was curious how many data science savvy users we have in Domo Dojo? I sat in on the breakout session with Turo at Domopalooza 2016 about using R to predict car rental capacity. I have been pretty heavy into R the past year or so and build Predictive Tree Based Models and OLS models.


I know Domo has the R-plugin with some useful data science cards. How is everyone leveraging Domo for data science? Do you pull data from Domo using the R-plugin, run a model and upload a new data set through the plugin?


It would be cool if we eventually get a card with decision tree nodes or Venn Diagrams on it…to just name a couple


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    This is a good question for you. 



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    I've recently used it to analyse call center logs. We took the agent's summary of the call and applied text classification algorithms.
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    How did you use the R-plugin? House the data in Domo, import into R and then export back to Domo, or upload the results to Domo? We did something similar for customer surveys outside of Domo, but we are planning to use Domo to house the data soon.

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