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This is a new idea, but I can't find where to start new ideas now after the UI change.


I would like to suggest DOMO to enhance filter carried for drill paths, similar to what Excel has in pivot table.  For example, for the following card:

Name   Month   Credits

A           Aug       100

A           July        200

A           Jun         89

B           Aug         120

B           May         100


When Clicking on Aug. for A, I would like to see both Name = 'A' and Month = 'Aug' be part of the filter for next level of information.  Currently, only Month = 'Aug' is used, so I would see info for both A & B there, which is NOT desirable.


  • I have had this feedback from users as well.  The issue is that you are using a Table card I am guessing.  If you were to use a Heat Map, you could use Name as the y-Axis, Month as the x-Axis and Credits for the value.  Then, when you drill into the data, you would be clicking on the intersection of two fields: Name and Month.  That would apply both filters.

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  • D_PRC

    You can use HTML, The <a> element with a reference to # prevents the user from drilling on that column as it would create a filter for the full HTML string.


    Wrap all of your fields in beastmodes that contain HTML except for the columns you have data where you want to drill. 


    Additionally, I normally only use tables in the final drill path, and restrict drilling into the actual dataset. One of our datasets has 1,453 columns and won't function if you try to drill into the sumo card of the actual data. 




  • Here is the Heat Map I described earlier.  When you click on a value, it applies two filters to the drill through path (Name and Month)






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  • Hua

    Thank you for the response.  Yes, for simple views as in my example, heatmap can be a solution, but my tables usually have more information.  So, still, a feature like what Excel Pivot table has is most desireable.



  • This does not seem to prevent drilling into the data, it just makes the drill path return an empty set if you drill into the "wrong" field.  

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