Excel Plugin Download of Datasets is Hit or Miss


Is anyone else having issues downloading datasets into Excel workbooks reliably?  I've tried several of my datasets, and some will download, while others just "try" to download for ages without success.  
In my limited testing, I've determined that datasets with around 540 rows or less tend to download fine, but anything above that just never gets anywhere (I've left it running for over a half hour for a ~550 row dataset, with no success.

I just redownloaded/installed the Plugin, so I know I've got the latest, and I'm using Excel 2016 on a PC (Windows 10).  


  • Tomo
    Tomo Contributor

    By our environment
     Success : Domo Tab > Download
     Failed : Domo Tab > QueryTable

    This seems to depend on bug of the plug-in.
    I think it can be acquired now when the bug is corrected.




     成功: Domo Tab > Download
     失敗: Domo Tab > QueryTable


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