Name a column dynamically with a beast mode or formula


Is it possible to name a column with a formula? I.e. I have a table that shows growth over years:


Region          |    Prev Mo 2016 Vol    |    Prev Mo 2017 Vol

Region A                    80                                 100

Region B                    90                                  99


Can I have it name what the previous month is automatically, i.e. it would say July 2016 Vol if I am looking at the table in August?


  • user07995

    You can only dynamically name columns using a MySQL dataflow.

  • DOMO will not support dynamic columns - when you select the column name in a card, DOMO expects that column name to stay the same. If the column name changes the next day, the card will break and you will get a "missing column" error.

  • ianmaurer