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I'm having some decent success creating our custom connector. I'm pulling user information from a sites api and have been able to map it right in Domo. However, we use additional fields in a separate call that I'm trying to populate per user. I'm running into an issue where the if / if else statement only selects the last condition. Basically I can only call one field. How can I add have these populate correctly? I've posted some of my code and output in the photo....As you can see, it's only listing the position, when I need department to list in there as well...My Code


  • Chronos

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • GordonP
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    Thank you for reaching out regarding your custom connector. This particular issue is outside the scope of Domo Support, but you can still receive assistance by reaching out to your CSM. They can then loop in some internal resources to assist you with your code. If you have any questions regarding how to reach out to your CSM, please give us a call at the number below:


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  • Hua

    How about having two variables, one for dept. name and the other for position name?


    if (4) then deptName = obj2.value; posName = '';

    if (5) then deptName = '';                posName = obj2.value; 


    Then addCell using values in these two variable?

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