Filtering Google Analytics API to "start of month" through "today"



We create monthly KPIs based on GA data that I am trying to recreate in Domo. I would like to filter the connector to run based on a relative date range including the start of the month to today. E.g. running the report today would pull in data from 9/1 to 9/18. Running on Oct. 1 would pull data from 10/1 to 10/1. 


Is there a way to modify the script below to handle this?



    "dimensionFilterClauses": [


            "filters": [


                    "dimensionName": "ga:country",

                    "operator": "EXACT",

                    "expressions": [

                        "United States"









  • Hey @dale_anderson,


    I did a bit of digging, and found that (in the Domo connector at least) the parameters start_date and end_date determine the data range for the API. These can be set to specific offset values, such as "today" or "today-5" (today less 5 days). Code below with some relevant parameters bolded. According to this, GA supports "startofmonth" relative date value, so you could try setting start_date to "startofmonth" and end_date to "today" and see where that gets you. Hope this is helpful!



    {"backfill":"","report":"Base Metrics","retry.retryNumber":"0","start_date":"Today-4","level":"all","end_date":"Today","timezone":"US/Mountain","profile":"<profile number>","updatemode.mode":"Append","accountId":"<Account ID number>","schedule":{"type":"MANUAL","timezone":"UTC"},"updatemode":{"mode":"APPEND","upsertKeys":""}}


    Edit: It doesn't look as though GA supports the "startofmonth" relative date. You can do ndaysago or a today offset, but start of month doesn't seem to work. Probably adjust logic to do a rolling 15 or 30 days? Just a thought.

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