Hide or exclude value in table card


Is there a way to hide/exclude values in a table card's subtotal? I want to do this because a few of my metrics do not make sense summed up


  • Valiant

    For the fields you want to hide from the subtotal, click on the column name where you added it to the table. Choose "Subtotal/Total" and the click "Hide subtotal".. see below:


    This will keep it from summing up values that it shouldn't.


    Let me know if you need any other help.


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  • tiffanywijaya

    Hi ValiantSpur, I want to hide only a few columns, not all

  • Valiant



    This is done an a per column basis, see the screenshot below:image.png
















    To hide the subtotal for the date column, i can click on the Date field at the top of the visual like so:image.png



















    After choosing Subtotal/Total, and Hide Subtotal, I'm left with the following:image.png





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