What card best adapts my requirements?

I am trying to build a card built off of a Google spreadsheet we use. 


Sheet 1 is how I have the data entering our system via web calls that get sent in from tablets.

Sheet 2 is how I'd like the data to look in Domo, though I suspect there may be limitations.


Could anyone recommend a card template that might be best utilized for this?





  • This seems to be an odd request for a visualization.  The best solution I can come up with is just a table card with a beastmode that would give you the User / Reviewer.


    The beastmode I used is:

    CONCAT(`User Name`,' / ',`Submission Reviewed By`)






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  • Thanks for the tips. The purpose of the format is given the size of the Location set. We actually have about 14 active location codes. In their raw submission form, each inspection carried out in one of the cities is submitted from a tablet and added to the rows (Sheet1). This gets a bit laborious when you're counting rows of a particular date (all 14 are due daily) and you want to make sure all have been checked off. The visual with the boxes (Sheet2) gives us a much quicker peripheral glance at that.


    The big challenge seems to be finding a way for Magic ETL or beastmode or the like to allow me to generate a set of 14 boxes for each new calendar day as it arrives, then have the submissions get sorted and placed (and concatted as you mention) based on their Location code parsed from the submission. 


  • I want to mention -- I think the most pertinent question for my application is simply whether or not Magic ETL or the like can take a row's date string from a cell on one worksheet, and copy that row's various column data, transplanting it at various places on the second worksheet within the row it finds that string/date match. 

  • You will need to prep your data some to accomplish this.  You need to have a unique Identifier for each.  The data sets in Domo do not have multiple "sheets".  You will need to import each sheet into Domo as a separate data set.  You can then create a dataflow and join the two data sets on your indentifier field.



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