Has anyone successfully utilized Domo to look at reporting from Eloqua?




We've been using Domo for a little over a year now and I we are starting to use Domo for some of our campaign reporting. Does anyone have any advice or tips for getting started with using Domo for Email and Campaign reporting from Eloqua? 




  • KaLin

    Can anyone help out with this request?

  • clloyd01

    I guess the silence indicates that the answer to my original question is no...... :( 

  • user06242

    I'm just starting with pullinig in Eloqua data as well, hopefully we have some input soon!

  • jmcarthur

    I've been working with it too, and have some cards finally made up. It took some Magic ETL's to get what we wanted, but it's working. The one hang up is getting accurate "delievered" data. I can get "sends" and "bouncebacks" but that only includes hard bouncebacks and not soft, so my "open rate" is always slightly off. Any ideas?