Groups page settings being ignored


I have created a group, called managers.  In this group, I've removed access to all pages except the specific page we want the managers to look at.


We've shared cards that this manager group can see, and they are filtered based on PDP.  The PDP filter is working fine.


However, when logging in with that a manager, they can still see Overview, Favorites, Alerts and Shared.


I've removed the user from the Default group and made sure they aren't included in any other group.


Am I missing something?


  • Valiant



    We have a similar setup in our environment, department specific pages with pdp based cards. The Overview, Favorites, Alerts and Shared pages are User Specific pages and can't be removed as they are Domo defaults. 


    This gives each user some unique pages for them to maybe favorite some cards or setup their own alerts on key metrics. The Shared page specifically houses any cards that get shared to the individual user.


    Hope this helps!


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  • Josh-REO

    That does help, but we do have the ability to delete those pages under the group settings.  

    As we role Domo out, we want them to only access exactly what we want them to see.


    I had assumed that if we had the ability to delete them, then they wouldn't show.  If that's not correct, we can work with it.