"total_video_complete_views_auto_played" for Facebook videos

NickHudson Domo Employee

I know this metric exists in the API from Facebook (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/video/video_insights/) but I can't find it in any of the reports for the Facebook connector. Is there a report that does have this and I am missing it?


  • Could someone help with this?

  • NickHudson
    NickHudson Domo Employee

    Thanks for brining this back tot he top. I did do some additional digging though and found that the API module that contains this data has not been connected to before and thus the metric does not exist in Domo. I have put in a request to the product team to have this metric added to the connector but do not have an ETA. Hopefully we will be able to add this to the connector soon. Thanks.