Data Labels Font Color

I have some bar/column graphs that I would like to apply data labels with white font, instead of the default text color, for better visibility.  Is there any way to do this?




Jamie H.



  • RGranada
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    From my view, there is currently no way of achieving what you described. It would, however, be a nice feature to have. You can explain this as a new idea in the ideas exchange forum.


    Hope this helps.

    Ricardo Granada 


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  • I see that this post is from 2017 so maybe this was not an existing feature at that time or maybe you have since figured it out


    But in the chart properties within the anaylzer, under the data label settings pleat, if you select a data label setting value, it will then give you the option to pick a text color, and white is one of the options.  there is also an option called "complimentary" which is where it picks a complimentary color based on the color of the bar

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