Can we get zip code maps in Domo, please?


One map card that is definitely needed is a zip code map card. Please, please build one for us.


  • ST_-Superman-_

    You can make a County map.  You need to join the Zip2Fips data set from Domo Dimensions to your zip codes.  1.png


    Then you can create maps like this:2.png




    I'm not aware of a way to get it down to the zip code level.  Maybe someone else has more insight into that and will share.

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  • dtao
    dtao Member

    I second the ask for a zip code map, have a user who's looking to determine what venue to use for future events within the city of Dallas based on the address of previous attendees. Being able to do a heat map on the county is nice but it doesn't let me determine a venue uptown or downtown is more convenient. Plus, it doesn't make sense that there are maps for postal code maps for international countries but not one for the US.

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