Unknown Error using page filter


I've created a tab with with two collections on it, each collection uses a different data source and I've added page filters for each collection.  Users with admin access can use both sets of filters with no issue.  Users with general access receive "unexpected error" message when they try to use the filters associated with the second collection/data source (but successfully use the filters associated with the first collection).  Both data sources are Excel files that I've uploaded to Domo.  Can anyone point me in the right direction for trouble-shooting and resolving the issue with the second data source?  Thank you!


  • mpoudel

    Hey @Rob_E,


    Sometime this happens if the filter you are trying to use is a column that is some sort of calculation or formula created in the beast mode. 


    Do you have like a screenshot that you can share?

  • Rob_E

    Hi @mpoudel,


    I'm not using beast mode on this collection:  It's a stacked bar graph + a table.  Page filters are on three unmodified data columns ("Product Grouping", "Product", and "Approval Status"). 


    I managed to get around the error by setting up an ETL that renames two columns that were common names in both collections (see attachment).  While working with a client, I noticed that Product still showed up as a page filter on collection 2 even after I had removed all the page filters for collection 2.  Product is also a page filter of collection 1.  My assumption was that having similarly named columns/page filters in two data sources on the same page was causing issues.


    Although the ETL got around the problem, these two columns are found in alot of the data I'm working with.  It would be very nice to be able to resolve the problem without having to set up an ETL just to rename columns.  Your thoughts?


    Thank you!