Embed Everywhere: Must I require a password?

We are embedding cards using Embed Everywhere on a website for investors that is already password controlled itself.


Is there any way to embed onto that site without requring a second Domo login? 


I believe the old embed functionality, limited as it was, could manage this. Any way to do this with the current embed everywhere?




  • Can anyone help with the embedding request?

  • I too have this question.
  • @Bulloko


    Any guidance on this one would be helpful!


  • I have the same question. I am tyring to embed a link on secured gateway website and it is requiring a username and password in order to view the chart. I thought the purpose of embed everywhere was to allow charts to be viewed from anywhere without the need for user credentials?


    Is this how the embed feature should work? If yes, how do I bypass the username and password.

  • jhl
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    I myself am anxiously awaiting this feature. If you press the "?" in the bottom left corner, the image below shows up in the "Oct. 12" section. Maybe tomorrow... this would be the killer feature that is going to sell everyone not yet on board on Domo.



  • I would also love to see this update, the company I work for is currently reworking our web presence and we would love to integrate live data through Domo cards

  • I tried it quickly this morning and was not able to get it to work using the same embed link that I was using before. I have not check the embed link within domo to see if they have updated the link though. Please let me know if you were able to get this new feature to work. I will also look into this deeper later on today and post my findings. Thanks in advance!

  • jhl
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    I found the release notes for this feature. As far as I understand, it has to be enabled by an admin, then there is a link in the cards and it is a "free 30 day trial" for paying users. Which I do not understand, to be honest (also no info on the pricing). Also no word on the need of SSO (which I would prefer not to install in my instance). Generally, not all the updates hit all instances at the same time, so it might not be rolled out for ours yet. Ask your Major Domo and let me know.

  • I am not sure if there is an issue with the "Embed Card" link right now on the domo site. I have clicked on the link and it is just spinning. I have tried in different browsers and still no luck. Is anyone else seeing the same behavior?


    I also read the same "free 30 day trial" with no additional pricing information. My test embed link is still requiring login criteria as well. 


    If anyone has any additional information on this feature or having the same issue as I am please let me know.

  • I just got off of a monthly check in with Domo support, you do not require a password, but you won't be able to embed anywhere without contacting them and purchasing the feature, the pricing is varied based on the numer of views per year. So the answer is yes, but you'll need to speak to your Domo rep and decide how much you value the information, hope this helped and have a great day!

  • There was a new set of release notes today, embed anywhere is now live! Simply click the embed option on a card and change the setting from private to public!