User Defined Functions in Redshift Data Flows


There was a relatively complicated calculation that I consider using user defined function is the best/easiest approach.


Does any one know how to use UDF in Redshift data flow?


It seems this feature is not allowed in DOMO’s redshift.





  • RGranada
    RGranada Contributor



    I went down that path once and got stuck on: The database reported a syntax error. [Amazon](500310) Invalid operation: permission denied for language plpythonu;


    Maybe support or another user could be able to elaborate deeper.



    Ricardo Granada 


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  • Ziqi
    Ziqi Member

    Hi Richardo,


    Thanks for your reply. 


    I also tried this approach and get the same error message.


    Redshift workflow is labelled as a beta version. UDF may not be available yet.


    I hope DOMO support or another experienced user can look into this case.




  • Laurette

    I agree that this is important functionality to add.  I have a common select statement I would like to ensure is consistent across several datasets, and a UDF would be the best way to ensure that. Right now the only way I have found to create 'object-oriented' ETL logic is to take things down to R, but that can be quite slow, untrackable, and unpracticable for large data sets.


    It would be good if we could at least get a timeline on this being added.