How to report on Facebook Ad metrics by campaign?


I'm new to Facebook metrics and am trying to work out how to configure the Facebook Ads connector to bring in metrics per campaign.


I'm very familiar with Google Analytics, but Facebook is completely different. I've been trying the Insights report but I haven't found a way to have the campaign name as a dimension with it's related metrics (impressions, reach, cpc etc). The campaign name is just 1 of the metrics.


I've used the Facebook Ads Quickstart app which has helped with a number of other cards, but there aren't any campaign metrics.


Has anyone worked out how to configure the Facebook Ads connector to report on campaign metrics?




  • KaLin

    Can anyone help with this topic?

  • mcf_anderson

    Same issue, any solutions?

  • DamienSmith

    I got one of our SQL guys to handle it, but looking at the structure of the data from Facebook Ads again, it might be possible to use an uncollapse columns tranform in Magic ETL? I haven't tried this.

  • Wolfram

    Same issue...


    Supermetrics can do this. 

  • artywah

    Doesn't look like anyone posted a resolution for this.



  • NFSharma



    Use Facebook Advanced Ads connector and select Ad Campaigns in the deatils section of the connector after providing proper credentials.

    You can Facebook ad connector under Datsets ---> Connectors --> Facebook Ads ---> GET THE DATAScreen Shot 2019-01-31 at 3.36.59 PM.png