Cards work well all day but suddenly show "No Data Exists"

Hello, Im new working with domo and I have this issue with some of my cards that are not showing data even when they use the exact same dataset of the others that actuallty shows data. All cards works well during morning and afternoon, but the stop wporking 20:00hrs app, I check the schedule and it is set to reaload each 15min with no hour limitation. Is there any SQL connector known issue? Plase Help Regards Matias


  • mpoudel

    Hey @user09729,


    Are you doing any calculation [especially division]  in beast mode for the visualization. If that the  case, it might be caused by the zero issue. This can be avoided by using nullif statement in numerator. 


    For ex:

    SUM(CASE WHEN  X = 'X'   THEN `Duration of Call` END ) /
    NULLIF(COUNT(CASE WHEN  X = 'X'  THEN `Date Called` END),0)



    Hope this helps

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