Bubble Chart drill down - BREAKING CHANGE WARNING

I posted this question to Domo support in Buzz yesterday but haven't heard back yet.


In the last 48 hours an upgrade has occurred in our environment (probably everywhere) that breaks key functionality of bubble charts and potentially other charts as well.


Previously, clicking on a bubble in a bubble chart would drill down by "series". Effectively, whatever 'series' was selected would be the filter applied to the next chart in the drill down path. So, if my series was "by State" and I clicked Arizona's bubble, it would apply an "Arizona" filter to the next chart.


Now, it is using the X axis value as a filter. This has broken a number of working drill downs in our environment.


Can someone at Domo HQ PLEASE respond to this ASAP. I am getting calls from clients already...sorry for the grumble, but this change wasn't communicated anywhere, from what I can tell and should be simple enough to roll-back. Alternatively, we need a way to choose which dimension to filter on in drill downs.


  • I'm so glad I saw this, thank you for bringing this up.  We've had a few other visualization issues since the update and this flew under my radar.  Hopefully they can provide some sort of solution soon.

  • I've confirmed that this behavior happens in both Bubble and Bubble (Legacy) chart versions. Doesn't look like there's a workaround at the moment. 

  • I'm now having an additional issue with bubble charts that is causing some groupings to display twice.  Essentially I have a bubble chart showing Category A,B,C with data and Category B is showing two bubbles of differing amounts that add up to the total.

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