New Period over Period Feature - Additional X-axis Values?


Hi all,


The Domo updates that just rolled out today allow for building out cards with period over period comparison. However, the x-axis can only be populated by a date field.


As an example, this currenlty allows me to make a chart showing month over month revenue for a company. If I'm comparing the June and May, this will show two bars - one for each month.


My goal is to be able to add a second x-axis value such as "department". This way I could show revenue month over month at the grain of company department for June and May. 


Is this possible with the new feature? If not, is this in the pipepline of requested features?




  • KaLin

    Could someone help out with this issue?

  • Kurbz
    Have seem this new functionality. Looks good but also am having issues understanding it. Could the admins point to the documentation around the new compare function please? Can't seem to find it. It's strange the way the date must be selected as comparing this week to last week from the date filter pages two dates anyways and the comparison should be rollable. Released a little early? ? k.
  • ckwright
    ckwright Domo Product Manager

    Hello @user00548 Thanks for your question. Currently, PoP supports time range comparisons for one metric in the Y-axis to perform several time comparison options. We will be supporting multiple metrics in the future. 

  • Kurbz
    I have now used the PoP cards. Very cool. Excellent set of cards and a great addition to the Domo functionality. Looking forward to further enhancements.
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