Functionality to share a dataset without having to create and share a card sourced by that dataset


We would like the ability to explicitly share a dataset with another user or group of users without having to first create a "placeholder" card. Sharing the placeholder card powered by the specified dataset is our current workaround to obtain the functionality of sharing datasets.


I found this idea that was submitted in 2016.


It appeared it would have some traction in early 2017 but I have not seen an updates. @andreasu@product_John or @alexpeay is there an update?



  • KaLin

    Could someone provide an update for this?

  • kbota
    kbota Contributor

    Yes, this would be super helpful to add to the system! In a company as large as ours, it is a pain to have to build a placeholder card and share it with a priviledged or editor user any time I simply want them to have access to a dataset so that THEY can build cards from it. The placeholder cards clutter our instance and it is simply not intuitive. Adding the user to the PDP for all rows should simply be enough to make that dataset visible to them.

  • treyface20

    We use the same workaround as well and it's inconvenient. Allowing users, or at least Admins, to share datasets at the dataset level would be a very useful feature, espeically at scale. 


    Also, I wish it were easier to see all users who have access to a certain dataset to ensure that access is better managed/monitored. I understand that users who have access to cards will have access to the source dataset, but I can't find a way to quickly and easily show, at the dataset level, all the seperate users who have access in some way. This is particularly helpful in regards to sensitive info. 

  • Greg_B

    Agreed, We have over 300 "cards" in multiple instances setup just to give access to users.  This should be set at the dataset level, not the card level.

  • [Deleted User]

    Thanks for the comments here.


    @JSharp is managing the current idea, which is still being worked on. Please add votes and comments to the actual idea in order to give it more weight.