Google Search Console Connector broken?

Is the Google search console connector broken?  


We've noticed that the connector is pulling in far less data since 7/24.  I set up a card with a count of distinct queries and pages by day and it falls off a cliff on 7/24.  When I log into search console directly, I can see all of the data is still there on Google's side so it's not like our site has disappeared from Google and is no longer generating search console data.


I also noticed that the Google Search Console data connector is no longer available from the list of data connectors.  Was it removed because it's broken?


Anyone else noticing the same issue?


  • I'm so glad i'm not the only one who's seen this.


    I'm consistently only getting about 30% of the search console data through that I should. If anyone has any suggestions they'd be greatly apprecaited.

  • Can anyone from Domo comment on this?


    We are a VERY search focused company and not having accurate data is affecting our ability to use Domo and make accurate business decisions.

  • @Millhouse


    Can you have a look at this thread?


  • Could we get an update to this thread?


    Having massive inaccuracies in the search console data set means that I'm having to do horrible manual work to get consistent data. Please help.

  • @user03643 Around that same time, we fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in only pulling back the first page of data, so if you are seeing less data there might be something else going on. Have you logged a bug for this with Domo Support and do you have a ticket number? I can follow up with Support and see where this ended up.

  • I did create a support ticket.  #04391949

  • I wonder if using a Search Console API key instead of user credentials would help...?