Foreign Currency Conversion and Foreign Language Availability



Good morning,


We have international divisions and revenue is from multiple countries other than the US. It would be very helpful that the foreign currency converstion rate data is available in DOMO for us to look at our revenue in USD and our foreign users can view that in their local currency.


Also I wonder if we have foreign language version of DOMO available so the non-English users will be able to use the software from their location. The language types we need most for now are Spanish and simplified Chinese. If they are not available now, when will they become avaialble?


Thanks very much!




  • Hi,


    I'd like to add to this that while the Domo menus must be translated, you must also offer translation services for the card titles, descriptions and legend, otherwise no one will know what the cards mean.


    Can Domo please provide dates when this functionality will be live?