When printing table charts


When we export a table card, we need to see all rows, which export to PPT doesn't allow.   If you print, i think you get all rows.   It would be nice if the "Print" option could be enhanced to include a company logo, but more importantly, when the options window comes up, if you could choose to add in the filters, so the report will show the time range and any other filters applied.


Does anyone know a work around? 


  • ST_-Superman-_

    I would suggest the export to excel option.  However, this still does not allow you to see the active filters that were applied.  This may be a good suggestion to add to the Ideas section here.1.png

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  • Hua

    While "PRINT" gets all rows, it only prints header row once on the first page.  So it may be hard to read for longer reports.  It will be nice if this feature can be enhanced to repeat header row on each page.


    Regarding export to Excel, it should be a good option unless you have HTML tags used in any beast mode columns (in which case HTML tags will be exported, not the value/format defined by them).

  • EF1218

    I've also started using the dashboard functionality more often to break down my tables into smaller cards that can be directly exported on one slide/page. For example, if I have pipeline data for a group of sales colleauges, I'll create a pipeline card for each colleague, and space them all on the dashboard. So scorlling down the dashboard I have "Jane C's Pipeline," followed by "Scott T's Pipeline," etc.. 


    This can be a little more work up front, but definitely speeds up the exporting process, which is great for reports that we have to run all the time. 

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