Dynamic R Interface


I am currently working to develop an interactive interface of an R machine learning model we're developing.  What we're doing is pulling data down from Domo, conducting machine learning, and then pushing two outputs:

  • Predicted values for existing data back to Domo (NOTE: This works seemlessly)
  • Predicted values for dynamically generated user inputs (NOTE: This is the struggle point.)


Currently, I'm working with Shiny to make the interface, which is an R package.  I was wondering if there was similar functionality with Domo as that is what our users will be used to using.


In case the description isn't clear:

  • Imagine you have a two data sets in Domo
    • An existing data set of of independent variables and dependent variable(s)
    • An "new" data set of just independent variables
  • We are pulling this data set from Domo into R, where we are conducting machine learning to predict the dependent variable(s) for the new data set.
  • We then push the predicted values for a new data set into Domo.  (NOTE: All of this works so far.)
  • Finally, we are building an interface in Shiny (currently) where users can input their own data and dynamically see the results for that one prediction.  This is the part that I don't know how to do.  Is there a way to make Domo the interface instead of Shiny?  

The crux of the issue is that we will already have security groups/access levels/etc. in Domo, which is to say nothing of interactions between users.



  • KaLin

    Does anyone have any insight to help with this topic?

  • Steve_Ewing

    I'd love to know if I can write shiny apps and show them in Domo somehow as well!  I can get markdown files into Domo as their own custom app but not reactive shiny apps.

  • user07733

    Would you mind elaborating on your process of getting an R markdown file into Domo as a custom app?

    I am working from instructions on how to do this that says "Using RStudio lets move to the Terminal tab and type domo login and select new instance"

    However, when I type domo login in the terminal I receive the message "`domo' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."


  • Steve_Ewing

    I think the teminal in R-studio works differently on macs and PCs.  He's probably using a mac.  I had the same issue and just used Git Bash and it worked.