Disappearing Beast modes

Gimli Domo Employee

Hello Everyone, 

There appears to be some confusion on this subject. I want to make sure the issue is clearly explained. In addition to what causes this to happen. 

What The Issue Is: 
You have created a beast mode (or multiple) on a card. Saved that beast mode(s) and all looks great. Later, when you come back to the same card, you notice your beast mode(s) no longer exists.

Why did my beast mode disappear?!?

Why This Happens: 

I am going to use a scenario to help explain the cause. 

The dataset: Let's say you have a dataset with 2 columns (just for example).
Column 1: Date 
Column 2: Value

In this scenario, we have two users. 
Harry and Hermione


Harry creates/edits a card from the dataset. When Harry creates/edits this card it pulls the current schema of the dataset. The current schema is two columns: (Date, Value).

Harry creates a new beast mode on the card, he also ensures to share the calculation on the dataset. The beast mode name is "Count" and the calculation is COUNT(`Date`).

Before Harry saves his card Hermonie decides to create a card. 
When Hermonie creates her card it pulls the current schema of the dataset. Because Harry has not yet saved his card the schema of the dataset is still two columns: (Date, Value). 

Harry now saves his card. Everything looks great. The new dataset schema would contain 3 columns: (Date, Value, Count). 

Hermonie does not add any beast modes to her card and she saves her card. When Hermonie saves her card it also saves the schema of the dataset. When she created her card the dataset only had two columns: (Date, Value). When the card is saved it saves the schema of the dataset. The dataset is now back to two columns: (Date, Value). 
Because `Count` did not exist when Hermonie created her card it is not saved on the dataset schema. 

Hermonie saved her card after Harry. This means that her dataset schema will become the newest dataset schema. 
The column (beast mode) `Count` is no longer present in the schema. This will break Harry's card. 

How to avoid this:

There are several things that can help ensure this issue does not occur. 

  1. You can take the role of both Harry and Hermonie. If you are editing two cards, created from the same dataset, at the same time you can encounter this error on your own. 
    1. Try avoiding creating/editing multiple cards at once.
  2.  Communication with other employees. It is normally pretty rare that multiple people from a company are creating cards from a dataset at the same time.
    1. Normally when you are, you are in the same department, sometimes even on the same team. Having good communication with your fellow teammates is a great thing to do. (buzz away!)
  3. When creating a complex beast mode, it is always a great idea to keep a copy of it saved somewhere. 
    1. In my personal use of beast modes, I love keeping an ongoing list of calculations and their use case. This proves to be very useful. In this scenario, it would also give us a backup copy of the beast mode. 
  4. New Analyzer tool
    1. Many of you have seen our new Analyzer, card builder. 
      1. This tool allows you to save your card without leaving the edit view. Make frequent saves to your card. 

Additional Information: 

Sometimes it seems like all hope is lost. You spent all day creating a complex beast mode. The beast mode accomplishes something truly great. 
You come back the next day and it is gone. Sadly you had forgotten to save a copy of the beast mode. 
You don't want to spend another 8 hours trying to remember how to create your calculation. 

No worries! Feel free to reach out to support@domo.com. Support cannot 'Restore' your beast mode. However, they should be able to help find what the calculation was. You should be able to copy and paste what they give you into a new beast mode and be on your way. 
(If support has any difficulty finding the beast mode query please point them towards this article. They will know the best way to get into contact with myself. Together we can provide the prvious query!)

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