Domo Embed Everywhere Help: Filtering


I am attempting to use Domo's new "embed card" feature.


I need to be able to filter on multiple cards at once similar to page filters but with the embedded cards. Is this possible??


Trying to solve this or get a way around it,


1. If I embed a card from a page that has filtered the card, the embedded card does NOT retain the filter from the page even though it recognizes there is a filter.


2. Looking at the source code, I can look into the iframe and see how the filter is changing when I do change it manually. This is not what I want. Can I change this filter value via code or am I forced to manually select every single filter on every single embedded card???




  • KaLin
    KaLin Member

    Could someone offer some assistance with this issue?

  • user008545

    i'm wanting to do this also. any ideas?

  • guitarhero23

    I am also interested in this. Page filters can be very powerful and necessary. Do we have a way to embed and have page filters? Really important for custom portals

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  • mccreathbecky

    any updates on this? very key function for us

  • NateJson

    I actually got this working by passing some parameters into the embed iframe's src value.

    This is what the normal iframe might look like:

    <iframe id="domo-data-iframe" 
    width="600" height="600" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
    In javascript, you can update the "src" attribute to include filters, like this:
    var iframe = document.getElementById('domo-data-iframe');       
    iframe.src=',summary,drill,filter,picker&pfilters=' + encodeURIComponent('[{"label":"COMPANYNAME","column":"COMPANYNAME","operand":"IN","values":["123 Partners inc"],"dataSourceId":"12345678-c9a1-48c9-a942-9c333b668954","dataType":"string"}]');
    It's the same format that the embed card uses when you apply filters to a single card and it sends the update request to Domo that updates the card. With this, you could create a page level filter that loops through and updates the src value for each embed card on the page.