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Is there a way to have the card reporting more frequently than daily? or utilize an API that can allow to receive it if requested?


  • swagner
    swagner Contributor

    @user006624 Yes, this can be done via the dataset schedule.  Minimum refresh time is every 15 minutes.

  • Hi there and welcome to Domo!


    Are you using Free Domo? That may be why you can't adjust your refresh frequency. 


    Otherwise, like @swagner said, you can adjust the refresh frequency of the dataset (and in turn the cards attached to it) at the dataset level in the datacenter, or within the Workbench tool if that's what you're using. 


    Good luck!

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  • thank you very much for your reply. no i'm not using free domo.

    is there any API that can call the updated report only when necessary?

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