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Hi, I am trying to analyze a survey question and thought of a way to show the relation between two choices (if both are selected) using a drill down. In the first card there would just be a count of how many people responded to the choices. However, when you click on one of those choices the drill down card would show the other choices they selcetd along with the first choice. For example, if these are the choice to the questions "Do you eat any of the following (seslect all that apply)"


a) Egg

b) Chicken

c) Fish


If someone selected both Egg and Chicken, then the drill down would shown me a count for chicken when I click on egg. If someone selceted all 3 then clicking on any one of them would show the other 2 choices in the drill down. 


I am having trouble coming up with the beast mode calculation that would peroform the above action. Any help is appreciated!




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    Hey @AnkitS 


    Let's examine quickly what you're trying to do and make sure we go about this the right way. 


    You mentioned that at the higest level you just want a graph that shows how many people clicked on each choice. Example: X-Axis Category (Chicken, Fish, Egg), Y-Axis Number of choosers of each individual answer. 


    You then go on to say that you want to drill through when "someone" clicked on both egg and chicken, the drill down would show both egg and chicken. (all three if someone had clicked on all three). 


    Since the top level is going to be a summary of all three answers individually to a drill that shows all three "if" someone has ever chosen all three, chances are if you have enough respondants, someone will have chosen all three, so that statement will always be true and the drill through will always show all three. 


    If there was a way to rank the answers (top choice, second choice, third choice (if applicable)) it would make senes to have the top level be first choice answers by respondant, then drill through to individual respondant to see other choices. 


    Just some thoughts. I'm curious to see what direction you choose to go with this.



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  • AnkitS
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    I meant the drill down would only show the other options that were selected. For example if I selected all 3 (egg, chicken and fish) then when I click on Chicken the drill down would show me only egg and fish. I am trying to gain insights on -  of all the people who selected chicken, x no. of people also selected egg or fish. I hope that makes sense.



  • Perhaps this would be a good time to use bit wise operators?


    Egg = 1

    Chicken = 2

    Fish = 4 


    Each selection would have its own unique value.  Then every possible combination can have only one final value.  So if the final value is 5 then you know they selected Egg(1) and Fish(4).

  • @DBandrew - Freakin' BRILLIANT!  That's all I've got to say...


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